Green Salad

Healthy Meals

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"
Thomas Jefferson

Please let us know how many meals you would like to order.


6 meals
recommend to be eaten 3 days in a row.

10 meals
recommend to be eaten 5 days in a row.


Blue Sticker - Serve it chill

Reheating Procedures:

1. Remove the paper band sleeve

2. Put the whole vacuum packs into the boiling water for (6 mins for sauces and carbohydrates, 2mins for proteins)

3. Unpack the food (Optional: please follow photos of suggested serving on website for plating), then enjoy!

如有藍色貼紙,表示該包裝內食物建議無須翻熱, 可直接食用


1. 移除包裝紙帶

2. 把真空包裝食物(保持密封)放入滾水中浸泡, 汁醬類及澱粉質類浸泡6分鐘,肉類則浸泡2分鐘,翻熱後取出
3. 剪開包裝,(可根據 參考網頁圖片裝飾成製完成品) 然後好好享用!